Food Safety

Food Safety and Nutrition Strategy 2030 

Published: 14 September 2022

Since 2001, the main visions and objectives regarding food safety in the Czech Republic are formed into a complex documents – strategies. Current strategy is already the sixth food safety framework document in a row. Food Safety and Nutrition Strategy 2030 is the key strategic document that aims to set the priorities of the Czech Republic with respect to ensuring food safety and nutrition for the period 2021-2030. According to this document which has been approved by Czech Government (Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No 323 of 29 March 2021), food safety is an important objective and component of Czech policy. Moreover, there is an increased number of requirements with respect to scientific assessment, reduction of food-related risks, and effective food risk communication that must be fulfilled. All specific actions that lead towards desired objectives are defined by the Action plan for Food Safety and Nutrition Strategy 2030. The specific objectives, responsibility for their implementation, indicators and various deadlines are found in this plan.