Food Safety

National Focal Points

Published: 15 August 2008

The EFSA Advisory Forum connects EFSA with the national food safety authorities of the EU Member States. The Advisory Forum members represent each national body responsible for risk assessment in the EU. The Forum is at the heart of EFSA’s collaborative approach to working with the EU Member States.

Through it, EFSA and the Member States can join forces in addressing European risk assessment and risk communications issues. Members use the Forum to advise EFSA on scientific matters, its work programme and priorities, and to address emerging risk issues as early as possible.

Advisory Forum members have established Focal Points for EFSA in the member states to coordinate the national network of risk managers, food safety authorities, research institutes, consumers and other EFSA-related stakeholders. The Focal Points will ensure exchange of information, and will provide advice and support to the AF member. The composition of each Focal Point is decided at the national level.

Agendas and minutes from Focal Point meetings are available in the EFSA Focal points web area.

Role of the Focal Points

The role of FP is to keep EFSA and Advisory Forum (AF) members informed of national risk assessments, scientific developments and communications in the areas of the AF’s remit.

Brief description on how your Focal Point will work and who you will interact with at national level.

More information about the role of the Focal Points is available in the EFSA Strategy for Co-operation and Networking.