Food Safety

Behind the Secret of Food or Do You Know What You Eat?

Published: 20 October 2017

“Behind the Secret of Food or Do you know what you eat? “ is a fun competitive game focused on healthy nutrition and proper food handling. The event for families with children was prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture for the third time and took place at the National Agricultural Museum from 6 to 7 October 2017.

There were ten hunting sites focusing on the origin of food, healthy nutrition and safe food handling. The aim of the game was to gather as many stamps as possible while fulfilling some tasks. The event was accompanied by the duo Vanda and Standa musical band.

Each successful “player” received a diploma and some interesting prizes: pexeso, crayons, magnetic bookmarks, dried apples, colouring books, flying frisbees, notepads and more.

Children could also create their own products at the Creativity Workshop.

There were a lot of free thematic publications and materials on healthy nutrition and safe food handling available for visitors during the event.
The event was attended by around 1100 children.