Food Safety

ICBP took part in Children’s Day at Střelecký ostrov

Published: 12 June 2017

The Food Safety Information Center (ICBP) of the Ministry of Agriculture had participated in the event which was organized by Prague 1 “Children of Prague 1 live by movement” on the occasion of International Children’s Day celebrations. The event took place on Střelecký ostrov on 31 May 2017.

The ICBP had prepared for the children several competitive training sites, where they could collect stamps in the playing card and then they were rewarded for the completing tasks.

For example at the “Farm animals” site, the children had to know which animals (from the figurines presented) live in our country, which are useful and live on the farm. Or the knowledge of spices and herbs was examined by the children at the “Plants and their Fragrances” site, where they were able to detect odours of spices.

More than 420 children from primary schools and kindergartens, as well as children accompanied by their parents, have gone through the competition for food and their origins.