Food Safety

Food Safety Co-ordination in the Czech Republic

Published: 9 October 2014

The central government authorities of the CR

Each resort performs its tasks under its jurisdicti
on, and the individual departments work together in ensuring the food safety. Activities provided by the relevant departments.

  • Ministry of Agriculture
    – Coordination of the food safety system
    – Supervision of production of food and feed
  • Ministry of Health
    – Assessment of health risks
    – Supervision of public catering
  • Ministry of Environment
    – Monitoring and assessment of the environmental status
  • Ministry of Interior
    – Crisis management
  • State Office for Nuclear Safety
    – Radiation monitoring

The inter-ministerial coordination is carried out by the Coordination Group of Food Safety (CG).
The following organs of the FS system operate within the framework of the Ministry of A
griculture (MoA):

  • Secretariat of Coordination Unit
  • Supervisory Bodies:
    Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA)
    State Veterinary Administration
    Central Institute for Supervising
    and Testing in Agriculture (CISTA)
  • Scientific Committees:
    Animal Nutrition
    Phytosanitary and Environment
    Genetically modified food and feed
  • Food Safety Information Centre
  • Monitoring of extraneous substances in food chains